First Aid Training – Nettlebed School

We recently visited Nettlebed School to provide a full day’s First Aid Training Course, which included calling the emergency services, management of an unconcious patient, choking and managing minor and major bleeding and CPR.

CPR is hard work, watching the children from Nettlebed school master this skill was one of the highlights of our day here.

school children learning about first aid in a school classroom

Children busy preparing a scenario

We offer a bespoke course for children in KS2 about Basic First Aid, with either a whole group or in individual classes. As part of the interactive course, we set up scenarios in the classroom  –  the children at Nettlebed School helped to come up with some great ideas for their scenarios.

When it came to actually acting out the First Aid play, the children really proved they were able to remember and apply the first aid knowledge had learned earlier in the day.

school children learning about the recovery position during a first aid course

Teaching Nettlebed School how to manage an unconscious patient – would your children know what to do?

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